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Boost Your Energy Living Healthy in Chicago

Ever feel like you’re lacking some energy as you go about your day? Need to Boost your energy? It can make it hard to keep living healthy! So in our latest ‘Health Hack’ we’re sharing some great tips on what you can do to up your energy levels.

The Many Benefits of Mediation

What is meditation exactly? It’s a practice that’s been passed down for an extremely long time. There must be a reason why people continue to practice it!

Healthy Salad | Living Healthy Chicago

Not all salads are created equal! Here are the top 3 tips for making a Healthy Salad. Jane Monzures is here to help you make the most out of yours when it comes to eating for your health.


We are taught that the fish we eat is good for us. But that might be far from the truth.

How To Eat Healthy At The Office

It can be hard to keep it healthy when you’re eating lunch at work – and very tempting to reach for some junk food! So Jane Monzures is sharing some great advice on how to make your office lunches as healthy as the rest of your meals!

Beginner Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating habit that is actually not foreign to humans. It is very likely that our ancestors spent the large majority of days fasting while eating one large meal per day.

Living Healthy Skin

3 tips for skin health. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s important we take steps to take care of it.

Healthy Office Habits

It can be all too easy to fall back on some less than healthy habits when you’re focused on working. So for today’s ‘Health Hack’ we’re sharing what you can do to help promote healthy living at the office!

The REAL Reason Why Your Life Is So Boring

I personally think that living a boring life is unacceptable. You should strive to become more interesting or you will most likely be filled with regret on your death bed. So today I want to talk about the real reason why your life is so boring and also 2 very actionable steps that you can take to change it. If you want to know how to stop being bored and how to be more exciting then this video will also help you out!

Health Hack: Portion Control

Jane Monzures is bringing you some great tips for portion control in this week’s ‘Health Hack’. These great tips can help with maintaining a healthy weight.

Six Benefits Of Meditation

A list of the top 6 benefits of meditation. You’ll be surprised at what “sitting down and doing nothing” can do for your body, brain, and overall well being.

Health Endurance Tips

Building up endurance is a common goal for people hitting the gym. So in today’s ‘Health Hack’ we’re sharing three key tips on how to get there and see some healthy results.

Brainwash Yourself To Succeed

What if you could somehow BRAINWASH yourself to succeed in all areas of your life? Is such a thing even possible? Yes, and it’s called affirmations.

Get Moving More

This video is all about getting you up and moving. We’re showing you three easy ways to make walking work for you if you spend most of your day sitting in an office.

Ikigai is the Japanese Formula For Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, but it seems like such an unobtainable goal. Should we focus on making money? Should we focus on pursuing our passions? Or should we just become a monk in the mountains. Luckily for us, the Japanese have already cracked the code. They have a formula for happiness called Ikigai.

Treadmill Workout Tips

Compared with walking, running on a treadmill burns more calories in less time. Running for an hour at a speed of 5 mph burns 584 calories in a 160 pound person, compared with the 277 calories burned by walking at 3.5 mph for an hour.

The Truth About How To Be Happy

What is the answer to the life long question of how to be happy? The answer’s actually right in front of you in the way you react to the things around you.

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